About The Author

Mark K. Harris retired as a Commander in the United States Coast Guard after enjoying over 20 years of active duty service. Now currenlty works in the Oil & Gas Industry as a Construction Project Manager.  He has been married to his beautiful wife Vanessa since February of 2003, and they have three wonderful children Joshua, Andrew and Hannah.  He and his family are actively involved with their church and other community based activities. Harris has had the opportunity to learn and lead throughout his successful career.  He has served on Coast Guard Cutters, at high-visibility Naval Engineering units and even in positions within the United States Senate. After twenty years of dedicated service, he evaluated family, ministry and career priorities to follow all the opportunities God might be making available for he and his family.

As Harris has traveled during his military career, he has been an active member and served in several ministries including: First Baptist Church of Glenarden (Glenarden & Upper Marlboro MD), Living Word Christian Center (Goose Creek, SC), the Well Christian Community (Dublin, CA), Destiny Christian Fellowship (Mt Eden, CA), Capitol Christian Fellowship (Greenbelt, MD) and most recently at Lakewood Church (Houston, TX). He is currently a Seminary student at Liberty University where he is completing a Master’s of Divinity, with a focus in Pastoral Counseling.

BS; Mechanical Engineering (United States Coast Guard Academy)
Masters; Mechanical Engineering (University of Maryland)
Masters; Divinity: Pastoral Counseling (Liberty University 2010-Present)

5 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hello LCDR,
    I went took four classes at Liberty and now I am going to New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary full time. I’m a civillian with the Coast Guard now. I’m glad Mike Wolfe sent me your blog. I see God is doing a wonderful work in your life. I thank God, that He continues to guide you in all your endeavors. God bless you brother.

    1. Bless you Mark; great name by the way. God is so very awesome and as I’m sure that you know that being in seminary really takes His relationsip to another level. I’m glad Mike shared it with you as well, please tell him hello and I hope he and Carrie are doing well. It must be fun to actually be able to go to Seminary full time. I look forward to retiring in about 4-5 yrs and prayerfully going into some type of full time ministry, but we will see what God is up to. Take care and I hope that you signed up so you can get the blog automatically.

    1. Two Marks that I am proud to say I know! Great to see the work that God is doing in both of your lives. Mark Taylor, are you still doing motivational speaking? Hit me up at ministersam@comcast.net and let me know your latest contact info so we can catch up, it has been way tooooo long!

  2. Mark,
    God is working wonders in your life. He is guiding your family to new heights. Trust in Him and listen to His words. He is specifically placing the right people in your path to not only encourage you but to help you reach untapped potential. I am proud of you.

    Many Blessings and Favor,

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