He’ll Make Your Enemy Your Ally!!!

Prov 16:7 When a man’s ways please the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.

There was a time when I looked at this scripture as Solomon telling us that when we work to please the Lord, the Lord would then in turn make our enemies be at peace with us. However, now when I see the Hebrew definition of ways (Definition: road, distance, journey, way or path, a journey, course of life) I noticed something completely different. It is certainly not man’s efforts that the Lord is looking at. Because according to Isaiah 64:6, all He would see are filthy rags or used sanitary napkins (the actual reference of back then). At our very best, that is all we could possibly produce, so there is no way that “our ways” will ever please God.

But check this out: our way, our road, our journey, our course of life, where we’re headed can please God. You see we use to be on the direct train (fast tracking) to Hell/Death. Our sinful lives had us moving toward eternal damnation. BUT GOD, it was when we made a specific decision in our lives, our destiny changed forever. Our way was no longer downward, our road was now leading in the right direction, our journey would have an everlasting destination, our course of life leads us back to a loving and compassionate Father. You see our efforts are worth nothing, Christ did everything we would ever need, when He went to the Cross on our behalf. When we made the decision to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died on the Cross for our sins, our ways now forever please God. Not because of what we’ve done but because of what Jesus did. Praise God!!!

Now that our ways please God, He will make our Enemy become our Ally. This Proverb came to mind today as I had a meeting with a prominent leader in our organization. Now I would not personally consider him and enemy, but in this case, he was being sent in to oppose a decision I’d recently made and change my mind and declare it wrong. So he was technically an enemy to the major decision I made and I was not really looking forward to the meeting. However, by the time the meeting was over (without going into all of the details) he not only gave me his full support in the decision, he is now willing to do whatever he can to assist me in making the decision come to past. He has agreed to be my Ally!! The beauty of it all, I did not have to do anything, it was all finished long ago.

So the next time you have opposition, don’t sweat it, Jesus dealt with that on Calvary. If you come across those people that want to see you fail, Psalm 110 reminds us to just sit back and Jesus will “make your enemies your footstool.” Then will be able to use them to see over all the blessings He has provided us.

Believe in Jesus and watch your enemies become your allies!!!

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