Merry Christmas!!! Especially Those Dealing With Loss

Ps 68:5 A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation.

Merry Christmas everyone, what a joyous day this is as we spend time with family and enjoying the few times a year when everybody slows down and take a little time off. Today I want to send a little extra love to those who’ve lost a loved one and no longer get to spend this special time with them. Today, with as much fun as I’m having with my wonderful family, I cannot help but miss the HUGE Smile of my Daddy. This is the 5th year without him and while many say time heals all wounds….it’s not accurate; only Jesus does.

My Dad loved this time of year, because he was a great gift giver. He enjoyed seeing faces light up because of how much they appreciated the perfect gift. He gave to as many people as he could think of, family, friend or stranger. Not to mention, when family got together he was always the life of the party. So Pops, I miss you and wish you were here….but I’m glad you’re able to hang out with your Father.

I’m drawn to this verse in Psalm, because it reminds us that God will never allow us to be without a safe place. I attended a funeral this week of a beautiful wife and mother gone at such an early age, then found out another wife and mother went home to be with the Lord. Both leaving husbands close to my age and children to fend life without them. To them I pray this verse and believe that Jesus will meet their needs and fill their voids while allowing them to properly grieve and appreciate their wife/mother.

The Hebrew meaning for Holy Habitation is a set apart, sacred dwelling place. Habitation also means refuge, which is a place to go to hide, recover and refresh. And sometimes when you lose someone, you just want to go and hide… you want to get away. You sometime need a little extra loving. God says I am your refuge Fatherless, Motherless, Husbandless, Wifeless, Brotherless and Duaghterless. Be encouraged today that Jesus came to die for us that we would be in right standing with God. And part of that right standing includes His refuge for those times like today…when your loss hurts and you need a little extra of His attention. When you need it, go into His refuge, it has been created just for you. Merry Christmas and Happy Habitation….God Loves You and sent you a gift that will help you deal with your loss.

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