Preach Jesus and let Him Move the Church

John 4:34 Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.

Today we began what we hope to be our final home church search, as we have settled in the Houston area for good. As far as we know what God’s plans are. We don’t always look forward to this because it has very often been a very long and arduous process for us, because Jesus Christ and His finished work is not the focus of many churches out here today.

We’ve been to plenty of churches to tell us what we need to work on and how we can be better. They focus on the person in the pew, but I cannot help but believe that the One who sits on the Thrown should be the topic of the sermon. Once we know and believe what He has done on the cross for us, everything we do will from then on will be based on the solid rock. Lets look at John 4

This is the end of a very familiar bible story: The Woman @ The Well. This woman, known by all of the town as a sinner, was literally sneaking up to the well to get some water. Sneaking so that the other town women would not see, judge and embarrass her. Instead this day she ran into the one person who would truly love “the mess” out of her.

Jesus rested at this well, where he would meet this Samaritan woman. Jews did not deal with the Samaritans or “Half-breeds” so she was being shunned by the very people who were shunned by everyone else. She could not possibly feel that good about herself, which may explain much of her behavior. Ahh but now she would meet a man that, in her own words, would “tell her all the things she ever did.” Yet He still loved and adored her, He still gave His life for her. He still had a plan for her. She still meant something to Him.

You see this is why it has been difficult for us to find a place to call home. We may be picky, but we need a place that will remind us about this great love, because when we realize how loved we are. How regardless of the mess we’ve made of our lives, or the mistakes we still often make; that God will never forsake us. That we have a Lord and Savior who cares just as much about us as today as He did when He went to the cross and that God loves us just as much as He loves Jesus….We will do just what that Samaritan woman did, we will immediately get up and go tell everyone how wonderful He is and all that He’s done for us. We will serve, bless and feed others and we will be the church….the one so many of us head out to go find every week.

The sheep don’t need to know how bad they are and what to do to make themselves better or how we can protect ourselves and stay out of trouble. They just need to follow their shepherd and eat where and what He leads them; when they do that they live a successful, joyful and abundant life. Not because of what that have done, but because they trusted and followed the shepherd. (Psalm 23).

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