I was reading today’s Proverb (27) and was struck by verse 17 a verse that is so familiar that it often loses its penetrating impact.  Yes it’s that verse.  “As Iron sharpens Iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”  Are we still sharpening others or being sharpened????

Maybe just maybe we are becoming dull because of much usage….  You see, the knife is dulled when cutting or chopping–causing the blades edge to be bend and fold away eventually breaking off (losing pieces).  If not sharpened significant damage is done.

Regular sharpening restores the knife’s optimal performance without any metal being removed or loss.  Fret not, because our Lord is our restorer (Psalm 23), and He will provide for us other iron to sharpen and be sharpened by. Regular time in the Lord’s presence will strengthen you and allow us to strengthen one another. Time to get sharp….

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