Flow in Your Gifting

Before we jump into this message you should take a look back at Anointed and Waiting, this message is from the Man After God’s Own Heart series; which looks at the life of David to learn the principles to help us live After God’s Own Heart.  Now back to the message.

(1 Sam 16:21 So David came to Saul and stood before him. And he loved him greatly, and he became his armorbearer). What should David’s expectations be after being told he would be the next King. When do I leave this shepherds field; what will I wear at the palace; how will I know what to do being so young; will my father come with me?? Many questions must have been flooding his mind. So, when he received the call that he was wanted at the palace. 1 Sam 16:19 Therefore Saul sent messengers to Jesse, and said, “Send me your son David, who is with the sheep.” He must have thought this is it; it’s beginning to happen when all of a sudden; he’s playing the harp for the current King.  

You see David was a gifted Psalmist and musician; he had honed his craft and was one of the very best in all Israel. God had given him an amazing gift and now he was going to be using it for the King. What gift has God given you that will allow you to serve the King?  Everyone has a gift specifically given by God; James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights….Find that thing or things God gave you that without being arrogant, you do just about as good as anyone. Be careful, your gift might have been perfected out of fear or hardship, so you may not see it (or appreciate it) as a gift.

One of the gifts God has given me is the ability to flow, fit-in, maneuver and thrive in any environment. Take in my surroundings, see what needs to be accomplished, work with different types of people and eventually use charisma to become dependent on or lead. I hear some of you say, that’s not a gift, you sound shady; and honestly, some have seen it that way. However, that ability has put me in rooms with leaders at work and in ministry and have given me opportunities to share God’s principles and love with people that did not know they needed it; lead men to know Jesus and fulfill a calling to disciple men on numerous occasions.

But do you know how that gift was perfected? Being an only child for quite some time; having to stay with different people, while my parents went to work; moving to and attending different schools than the other kids in my neighborhood; staying with different relatives for long periods of time in the summers; dealing with a lot of different (types) of people; all as a scared little boy trying not to be afraid.  However, being very keen to my surroundings and able to “gain acceptance” by others easily.  I became great at it though, because while I felt unsafe in those environments, I knew that if I had an ally, I would be able to survive.  So, I developed and fine-tuned this gift of winning over people and it became a gift that produced much fruit in my life and career.  However, later it would become a stumbling block to finding out who I was (my identity and purpose) and not who I could easily become or transform into (another message at another time). 

David could have very well perfected his praise out there alone in the fields with the sheep. Imagine the cold lonely nights with only his voice and a makeshift instrument; hearing all sorts of probably scary noises and his way of drawing comfort was singing/playing a song for God.  He did it to renew his strength or to find some refuge.  However, he perfected it, and that gift was being called upon by the King. If he did not have this awesome gift; David could have remained in the fields with nothing but sheep, without an opportunity to learn all that he did before becoming King.

The great Kobe Bryant once told a story in an interview about moving from Italy to Philadelphia. When he got there, he only spoke Italian. He found it difficult to communicate, understand and connect with the kids in this new town. Therefore, Kobe said I can connect with them through Basketball. So out of fear of not speaking the language he used basketball to show them what he could not tell them with his words.  Kobe focused, trained, and perfected his gift until that gift took him to a legendary status.  My question to you is what gift have you perfected because it helped you deal with a fear, something that hurt you or a setback in your life??  God can and desires to use it, will you let him? 

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