Our Father

Matt 6:9 In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.

If my kid’s only vision of God the Father is me, then they are doomed to never know Him as a loving, Grace filled, proud poppa.  They may see a fun loving guy who most of the time has a gnarl expression on his face and often saying “No” before the question is even finished; that spends a good bit of their conversations, criticizing and judging rather than exhorting them.  Man!!!  However, the crazy thing is I love them tremendously.  But if me as a father is a portrayal of God to them, why would they want to seek Him?  

Thankfully, Jesus teaches us what we need to know to be better fathers and that is to lead our kids to His Heavenly Father.  Here is what He teaches us from Matthew’s gospel:

  1.  My Father is Your Father:  therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven.  Jesus let us know that His father God, is also our father.  Think about this, Jesus was being persecuted because the religious sect felt He was blasphemous by calling God His Father.  And now when he is teaching us to pray, Jesus tells us to do the same.  therefore, pray: Our Father ; God is our father and if we can relate to Him as such, there is a certain level of intimacy that comes with talking to your father.  Jesus also teaches us not to look at man but to heaven.  therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, we are to look up and not to our earthly examples; because our earthly example are flawed.  When Jesus died on the cross, He made it possible for us to realized that the God of Heaven is indeed our Father.  The fact is, in my best effort, I could never be the example of God that is fitting, but if I can get them to Jesus, He will show them all they need to know.  
  2. My Father is Set ApartHallowed be Your name.  Jesus shows us that God is our father, then in the same breath let’s us know that He is Holy and Righteous. The word Hallowed, means to make holy, (i.e. ceremonially; to purify or to consecrate); it is basically expertly cleaning something or what we’ve come to know from COVID; quarantined from the filthy environment of our sin. So then, how amazing is it that the most Sanctified and Majestic Person ever known, also desires to love us as is concerned about everything that concerns us.  Jesus made it possible for us (as filthy as sanitary napkins) to be one with a Holy God.  God is without sin, filth or failure, He is set apart in Righteousness and was willing to sacrifice His Son so that Evan Fathers like me can be covered, righteousness and set apart with Him.  

Jesus gives us the tools, that will help our children to know God the Father for themselves.  Regardless of the Father’s had or the Father’s we are, God is the Father who covers us and steps in to fill in the gaps that have been left. 

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